Lockdown Day 25

10 thoughts on “Lockdown Day 25”

    1. This is the first interesting thing I’ve ever found, Eliza. A friend of mine has a little museum in her converted barn with a table displaying all the wonders she’s found in her garden!

      1. Since it was only recently that folks stopped throwing their trash ‘over the bank/into the ditch’ I imagine your centuries-old town would have interesting things buried there.

      2. Mostly, in this garden, just trash! And lots of it, even under plants that I feature in photographs – top of Long Border, for instance. Someone else’s rubbish heap in the past! I still live in hope … why I was excited over this find!

  1. The “work, family, country” slogan would work as a slogan for today’s authoritarians as well. An interesting, but rather chilling, find.

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