In a vase on Monday. 6 April 2020

21 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday. 6 April 2020”

  1. Cathy, enjoyed reading about your slope and seeing how you’re managing it and life in general. The container’s little bee seems especially comforting. The tulips are a marvel. Tulips rarely return in this area (and especially for me) but I do have two stalwarts that are blooming now. Be well.

    1. People often say that about tulips. I guess I’m just sort of lucky – having said that, the two that I used to find ‘persistent’ in previous gardens aren’t here. You stay safe too!

  2. The frilly edge on the tulips is gorgeous and what a surprisingly pretty shade of yellow they are. I agree that’s a great idea for a bank, although not something I need to comcern myself with although I could do with a graveyard for ousted tulips…

    1. Send them here! Seriously – isn’t it interesting that sometimes when we don’t think a plant is ‘all that’, we end up appreciating it when it comes back every year. Sadly, when the sun hit it later in the day it looked even prettier than when I took the photos.

  3. A lovely spring collection, those colours really reflect spring. Love the frilly tulips and the pot. I like the idea of a wild bank but our plot is annoyingly flat. Good in many ways but hard to add ‘height and drama’ as MrC phrases it.

  4. The frilly tulips are lovely and so is your vase. It’s interesting how so many of the daffodils actually change colour as they mature. My Pueblo is supposed to be creamy white, but starts off with a yellow bud. It does fade though and becomes almost pure white eventually. Maybe Mount Hood is similar?

    1. Yes – and do you know, my husband is now insisting that it IS Mount Hood. Maybe in the past I just haven’t paid enough attention.

  5. The daffodils and yellow tulips are perfectly accented by the dark foliage of the Lonicera and the Euphorbia that knits the whole arrangement together, Cathy. It’s just wonderful!

    1. I think the fringed are very sweet – as I was commenting to the other Cathy, the sun made them open out more and they were even prettier during the day.

  6. Hey, I was just explaining to someone how we put Cyclamen persicum into the outskirts of the refined landscapes rather than discard them after their ‘display’ as bedding plants. They are too expensive to waste, and really should be grown as perennial anyway.
    Your ‘Mount Hood’ daffodils are rad. Are they always that creamy white in the center? Mine were very clear white. Others tell me that they are more creamy white, or even very lightly yellowish in the center.

    1. Interesting – when I grew them before (quite a long time ago) I remember them as being white (as you say). However, my husband now thinks they are definitely Mount Hood – but I’m still suspicious, because the trumpet really started off quite yellowish rather than white. It’s probably like many other plants on the market – if something is popular other similar cultivars casually ‘acquire’ the same name.

    1. It is indeed the most wonderful escape. It gets my feet on the real ground every day – and I am sure it is doing the same for you. Stay safe and happy!

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