Six on Saturday. 28 March 2020

24 thoughts on “Six on Saturday. 28 March 2020”

  1. It is all looking very spring-like. I know what you mean about the Epimedium. I have two and only today did I go and cut off the old leaves so I can now see the new ones unfurling and the pretty dainty orange flowers (I forgot about the other one – oops!)

  2. The photo of the garden with the Epimedium is so like a woodland photo with so many species growing happily together. Very pretty, and so much promise.

  3. It is common for cultivars or fancier varieties of a species to be weaker than the straight species. For some, it is easier to explain, For example, those with variegated or bronzed foliage have less chlorophyll than those that are simply green. For others, the weakness is not so easily explained.

    1. So you’ve got me going/checking now, because I know that characias subsp characias is a wild subspecies (not a ‘fancy’ cultivar)! Phillips and Rix says that straight characias has a distribution across the Mediterranean (Portugal to Turkey). The dark-eyed/glanded subsp (not a ‘fancy’ variety, but a subsp with a different geographic region) has a distinctly western distribution (extending east to former Yugoslavia) This is the one that (possibly mistakenly!) I am imagining is weaker here – because I previously had a seed-grown plant of the subsp. that died over the winter. The other subspecies (wulfenii) with the green eye/gland is commonest in Greece and Turkey (further east). So no answer at all, really! But how refreshing it is to turn complete attention to something other than the virus! Thanks for that!

  4. All your seedlings are looking good. I would love to have some of that strong sunlight around here – it’s been cloudy almost every day. That daffodil ‘Jenny’ is a beauty!

    1. I love the epimediums – they haven’t lasted in the heat unfortunately this year. I wish I could take better pictures in that corner. It really does look rather sweet.

  5. I’m always amazed by how far your gardens have come. The aged backdrop of the stonework and old paths and steps really give your garden a mature feel, and smart to plant so many structural plants at the start. Love the woodland corner!

    1. You are so kind Frank! I am looking forward to seeing them grow. I wish I could do the woodland justice when I photograph it.

  6. Yes – must put epimedium on my list! I cut old the leaves back for the first time last year and very quickly realised what a good thing it was to do! Thanks for reminding me – and I will add ferns to my list at the same time! Good to see what’s going on in your garden, and well done for all the seed sowing. It has been very dry here and watering will need to go on my list too

      1. Got mine cut yesterday, Cathy – but it wasn’t easy as the new shoots were pushing through amongst them…a lesson to be learned!

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