After the storm of ’87

10 thoughts on “After the storm of ’87”

  1. Seems quite a haze over London, hopefully less soon. Loving your posts. Our garden in Gironde is cherry tree sun gorgeous.👍🌈❤

    1. You know – you could be right! It always looked like that on autumn mornings – I thought it was the light levels and mist off the river. It never occurred to me it was pollution. Enjoy your cherries – ours are just coming into flower too.

  2. It was really interesting to read this and see the pictures – all so very 1980s! Thanks for the diversion – we need some different topics of conversation!

      1. Mind you, we though colour photos were fab in the 70s and 80s didn’t we, not realising how waashed out the colours would look like compared to nowadays!

  3. Very interesting to see these photos, I’m glad you shared them. I remember reading about this storm… weeks later as the news came via garden magazines, and remember the sadness mixed with optimism. 30 years later I bet some of the replacement trees are starting to look like something again.

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