In a vase on Monday

14 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday”

  1. Such a sweet posy in a nest. It lasted the winter well or maybe you rescued it last autumn. I wonder just how long and how many trips it took the birds to made this.

    1. Only came down from the rose last Thursday, Noelle – so beautifully preserved, as you say. I will think twice about pruning this rose hard in future, since someone has enjoyed it running wild for a season! I think the same thing about the birds’ trips as you. It also makes me reflect that the tiny things I do every day are not useless. It’s quiet here (thank goodness!) so I see the swallows flying low in the street in spring. They are not back yet – hopefully they are living virus-free and will come home to Chatillon soon!

    1. Thanks Eliza – the nest and putting flowers in it made my day – glad it brought some sunshine to you as well. I need to visit your blog soon!

  2. So sweet! The primrose complements the nest beautifully. The only nests I see here are either huge messy ensembles created by crows or tiny little teacups created by hummingbirds.

  3. Brunnera looks like forget-me-not. There is a native species. I was rather protective of what showed up in my garden. The daisies look like the small single English daisies.

    1. Brunnera produces flowers like forget-me-not. I don’t have much luck getting forget-me-not to self-sow here, but I keep on trying! Yes – they are lawn daisies.

      1. When I was a kid, and there were still Hippies around, the traditional flowers that they wore in their hair on their way to San Francisco were the big flowered Marguerite daisies that are rare nowadays. However, they also wore those smaller English daisies that had naturalized in the lawns of Golden Gate Park. Even though they are technically a weed, and I appreciate a well groomed formal lawn, I am still very fond of those particular English or lawn daisies.

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