IAVOM Pick a pot of peppers

24 thoughts on “IAVOM Pick a pot of peppers”

  1. What an interesting post, Cathy, and I love the idea of vases as a bi-product of F1 car manufacturing – I am sure there would be a market for them! Their shiny blackness really complements the brightness of the chillies and the starkness of the twigs and grasses. I had to smile at the thought of IAVOM encouraging housework – certainly doesn’t work that way for me!!

    1. I think there might be too. And there has to be something good coming from that environmentally unsound sport! Yes – here you do encourage housework (most of the spaces in this old house are usually unphotographable!

  2. Intriguing vases! Your secret is safe. Peppers are lovely to have around, I still have a few left. I pulled the plant and hung it in the greenhouse but now it’s time to use them. Lovely twigs and grasses.

    1. I love the peppers too – we had a bumper crop about 4 years ago. Now hanging in the kitchen and I work my way through them in the winter when the fresh are finished.

    1. I think he should start a new range – and perhaps expand it to suit other tastes. Unfortunately it would be an ‘all black’ range, because that’s the only kind of carbon fibre he gets hold of!

  3. I am saving this to show my husband – he will love the vases and I do, too. Your chili peppers look great in them and I love the Miscanthus, that one is my favorite and I can’t grow it here.

  4. They look great! And I hope your husband’s experiments in carbon fibre are less splintery than mine. We had a couple of carbon fibre skateboards that found their way to the boychild but were a nightmare to use.

    1. He’s used it for a few things in the house (including making new ‘pins’ for my extensible music stand) so I guess he knows how to work it.

  5. Cornus stolonifera? That is the name I use for the native species. Some insist that it is the same as Cornus sericea. Others say that they are two distinct species. I really do not know.

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