Six on Saturday

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  1. Nice to read you, Cathy. The photos are very beautiful with the frost and you had a lot to show us.
    It is true that this year, the cold is earlier and brighter but it doesn’t mean anything, Maybe your passiflora will recover?… Mine did it for 3 years in a row but no more with the last with at -13°C .

    1. And it was nice to read you too! I think this is a nice meme. The passiflora came through 2 winters so far – they always say that young ‘tender’ plants are more inclined to survive the winter. So mine is now ‘not young’! If it’s the end this winter, I can always plant something else … I didn’t expect it to last, just that I’ve got worse at lifting heavy pots in autumn.

  2. Beautiful garden and lovely photos. You do realise that once you start this Six-on-Saturday, it becomes obsessive and you don’t dare miss a week! Anyway, I hope my Comments will be fixed for next week.

    1. I think I’m now immune to blogging ‘disease’. My problem is sticking with it! But I DO try! Thanks for the kind comment – I will definitely be doing next week! December’s not great for getting outside continually!

    1. Interesting re autumn sowing -maybe the weather has changed so much that we can’t do what we used to be advised to do? I ADORE the hazel catkins – one of the things that makes you glad to be alive!

    1. It is indeed gorgeous, and I am grateful every day. But it comes at a big cost. Houses in France are very cheap (which is why we were able to buy here), but my husband now permanently has to work away from home. I started this blog to keep him up to date with what he was paying for!

  3. It’s a shame about the hellebores, especially since they do well for your neighbour. Will be interesting to see if your inside ones thrive. I sympathise about the hazel. O dear! And the atmospheric knot garden is gorgeous.

  4. I gave always found H niger to be disappointing and unreliable – the H orientalis are so much better and mostly have much longer stems too. It must be hard to get the right balance with your seed sowing when you have those extremes of temperatures – I was much later than usual sowing hardy annuals in the autumn and they definitely don’t look as strong. Perhaps late Jan or early Feb would work better for you?

    1. Hi Cathy – good to know someone else has hellebore problems! Someone once told me that choice of cultivar was important in growing H. niger. Perhaps I chose badly? Yes – I think an early sowing is the answer – I’m even starting tomatoes off earlier next year. It did seem like a good idea at the time!

      1. It must be difficult getting the right timings when you have to contend with such heat in summer. Perhaps I might look into the different varieties of H niger – but I have so many orientalis I don’t really feel I need to

      2. I have a lot of H. orientalis as well and they do brilliantly here. Only last spring I thought perhaps I would achieve my ambition of having them covering my bank. But I need to transplant about. Sadly, due to the perpetual plant sourcing problem in France (all by mail order only), it’s more difficult to add particular cultivars, such as those pretty pale yellows and darks. I might try this year, since they do better than niger. The niger I have were in the garden when I arrived – and it’s the one hellebore we can buy locally, since Aldi love to sell it in pots (sadly, no cultivar name!) I think I need to ask my neighbour if I can have a bit of his.

      3. Perhaps sowing from seed would help fill your bank – it might take a few years but it could be easier to acquire seeds of the colours you wanted through the post

      4. Your idea about buying seed of specific colours is a good one – even if they don’t come true. In fact our little back-and-forth has reminded me that I’ve loads of seedlings to spread about. Normally I find they are sort of a muddy pink when they flower, but maybe I’ll be lucky. Might also be worth doing a small mail order of special kinds that I particularly fancy. They certainly are a lot more pleasing here than the niger. I look forward to them so much!

      5. Here’s to satisfactorily coloured hellebores! Hayloft often have offers of named hellebores which work out at £1 each – could friends in the UK order some for when you for when you are next over?

      6. Hadn’t thought of that, but I guess it’s obvious. We always knew it would complicate our lives, but I never thoughtabout the plants!

    1. Thanks for visiting – yes, and the autumn and spring are the time to use the balcony. Sometimes the garden is too wet for me to venture down in winter, so I tried to make sure the patterns were pleasing when I stepped out.

  5. Love all your frosty photos. Like you I try to keep up with my Sixes – I really do love joining in, but oh too often life takes over and I find it’s Sunday already! Looking forward to read some more of yours 😄.

  6. I am sorry I missed your first.
    I was told to not be overly concerned with the limit on text, as long as I do not get too carried away. I seriously doubt many who participate to not exceed the recommended limit. I happen to be one of the few who limits my submission to six pictures rather than six groups of pictures.

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