Let’s get some discipline!

15 thoughts on “Let’s get some discipline!”

  1. Everything looks wonderful, and especially so with a coating of frost. I suppose part of the issue is that island beds are easier to dig out than to grass back over.

    1. Sadly, France is very old-fashioned. I was thinking of island beds I’ve seen that have been created very recently – it still seems to be an accepted style in France. I think because people don’t have to think properly about their garden’s overall design in order to create another place to put the plants they want to grow.
      Hence my rant today! I’ve had a lot of negative feedback on my garden from people who simply don’t ‘get it’.
      Thanks so much for your kind comment.
      And, by the way, after your last comment on my blog, I sniffed rose ‘Crown Princess Margareta’ properly – for the first time. She smells exactly as you suggested. So double thanks … I move too fast.

      1. I’m sorry (and amazed) to hear that you get negative feedback about such a lovely garden – I suppose there’s no pleasing some people – but I am happy you lingered to enjoy your CPM rose. You’ve made me feel very glad I left the comment! 🙂

  2. The frost really does emphasise the structures and shapes in your garden – it looks fantastic! Lovely photos. The box caterpillar has spread further in our region this summer, despite drought and heat, but the box in my old garden are still untouched.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Cathy! The caterpillar has caused battles for two summers here. But the plants are still alive (although damaged). Will ”virtually’ visit you soon!

  3. You have worked so hard and it shows. Oh gosh do I know how tough it is to cope with all those different levels and on such a steep slope. The garden is looking fantastic.

  4. Good to have a post from you again and it’s brilliant to see how far you have come with the garden – those yew hedges are wonderful. It is especially interesting to read as it is so didderent frm most of our gardens – we certainly don’t have the same constraints as you do!

  5. Good to see a post from you Cathy. I hope that this summer treated you and your garden well. I hadn’t realised before now that your garden backs on to a river. All looks so easy on the eye.

  6. Wow! I don’t often here anyone else express dislike for the lack of discipline in landscaping. I would not mind it in conjunction with the cheap architecture at the time (in the 1970s), but it just looks too cheap on homes that deserve more refinement. The common ranch architecture that I like could go either way. Relaxed (or unplanned) landscaping looks no worse on them then simple and more refined landscaping. Victorian homes could have some degree of informality, but really should be outfitted with some degree of symmetry. However, early American homes must be landscaped with very strict discipline. Informality really make them look weird, as if there is something wrong with their symmetry. The only curve on an early American landscape should be the bisymmetrically elliptical lawn. Good landscape designers, even those who like curves, should be aware of this, and know how to use symmetry when necessary. Curves are too often an excuse for lazy designers.
    Dang! I didn’t mean to rant.

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