In a vase on Monday

30 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday”

  1. The flowers are pristinely beautiful and the color combination is magical. I should find a duck to set out today–we could use some rain here.

  2. I love the pastel colors of the soft peach rose combined with the pale blue and white Nigella, Cathy. As to arranging, I’m a plunker by nature, although I occasionally add a piece of chicken wire or marbles to my vases to keep flowers and foliage in position but usually I find them just too much trouble.

    1. I tried the chicken wire Kris – had a vase that suited it well – but threw it out (the wire, not the vase) because it was annoying me! I have foolish visions of a custom-made rose bowl. But I think I need to reinstate the chicken wire and maybe use your marble trick (I seem to remember that Christina uses stones, so same thing!)

  3. Oh what a lovely soft palette and such a pretty combination. My CPM has just started flowering and she too is going to flower even better than before – isn’t she lovely? Your nigella is so pretty and strangely it is something I grow from seed regularly but the plants never really come to much and yet I have lots of self-seeded plants this year that are growing really strongly!! Thank you for joining us and welcome to your duck – we have had light showers today but as I write we are having some heavier rain which is still very much needed.

    1. Indeed it’s a lovely rose, Cathy. I think that I planted it either because of a post you did for IAVOM or someone else’s. Nice to be really beginning to enjoy now after 3 years. The nigella here would take over the garden if it could! But I am always grateful for a plant that loves Chatillon and self-sows. And they are teaching me many things about the soil conditions. We have had the most lovely spring. Normally we don’t get rain (like Christina), but this year the rain has descended regularly every 3-7 days. I am in heaven!

      1. Lucky you with that regular rain this year – we could do with some of that! And I introduced CPM after admiring it in a bloggers’s garden although I can’t remember whose!

      2. Yes – we have been very lucky, but things now reverting to normal scorching. My clay soil and plants don’t enjoy it. Such a lovely rose – let’s just be glad that someone else inspired us

  4. What a lovely combination. Your delicate rose looks darling with the nigella. I have planted some from seed this year for the first time, but they are not blooming yet. Now that I’ve seen yours, I am anxious to see mine flower. With anticipation, I will await them. Thank you for sharing yours with us.

    1. If it likes you (as it does me) you will have it everywhere in future without lifting a finger! I’m sure you already have a few like that? The nigella is such a favourite here that my cat is named after it.

  5. How perfectly scrumptious – love those colours! Margareta has such short stems; I never figured out quite what to do other than to sort of prop her amongst other stems. 😉 But she’s a beauty indoors or out so all is forgiven… I would happily (very, very happily!) send you the rain we’ve been having, but since I can’t I will just wish some for your garden…

    1. We have our fair share of rain this year, Amy, thank goodness! I find that most of the old roses and modern shrub roses have stems too short for my vases. I think Kris P’s pebbles or marbles are possibly the answer!

  6. This is such a pretty, tender posy, Cathy, love the colours and the nigella goes so well with the yellow/peach/orange. Your Rosa banksiae (?) on the wall looks stunning. I have alba plena and she was awesome this year although I cut her back very hard last spring. She wept for days, never saw that in a rose. I hope all is well with you and that you still enjoy living in rural France. Happy June days 🙂

    1. Hi Annette, and thanks for visiting! I need to try the alba plena as well (yes – mine is Rosa banksiae ‘Lutea’). I always adore my garden and France is a wonderful country, but I will always be a stranger here. I find that hard – but there are always kind people everywhere and I’ve never belonged (so no change!). that hard.

      1. I think it’s important to create a cosy little nest away from it all. France is indeed a wonderful country and people are very welcoming in our area. Lots of foreigners too, very cosmopolitan atmosphere which I appreciate a lot. Happiest pottering around in my own little world most of the time though. Pity you’re so far away, it’d be nice to meet you. Enjoy the garden, sun and weekend x

  7. Your duck would be very at home here; it doesn’t seem to have stopped raining for weeks! Your roses are gorgeous and beautifully arranged.

    1. How bizarre for you Christina! I hope you are not finding it depressing. What we are having here is my ideal spring. Three or five days of sunshine, reasonably cool temperatures (no higher than about 27), then rain. My idea of heaven. But it’s not normal!

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