Mostly Irises

21 thoughts on “Mostly Irises”

    1. Hi – so often I’ve done the same thing Cathy! Thanks for your kind comment, but the path IS too ‘narroe’!!! I hope you are rejoicing in your garden as much as I am in mine!

    1. So kind, Eliza. I hope you are well and fully intend (as I am always saying) to pay you a virtual visit at your blog soon!

  1. What a stunning collection of irises you have. I love the chocolate ones: Kent Pride and Bruno … really nice against the centranthus ruber. I am only just starting to use them more in my garden. Also love the tulip tapestry photo. You are making a beautiful garden and I am always interested in see it.

    1. Thanks for your kind comment – the tulips in the Knot Garden have brought a lot of joy this year. For very little effort!

  2. Irises are one of the great joys here too; this year they have been better than ever. I’ve more or less stopped blogging for the same reason, which may be silly in a way as I’m happy to visit ‘real’ gardens at the same time each year. The Cayeux stand at Chelsea was very, very tempting this year. They said that this would be the week to see the fields at their best.

    1. I have always found your irises so inspiring Christina (and your tulips). It’s the same here with the irises – a blessing from the heat last summer. Never better. I need to go over to your blog and be inspired again. And I wish I wasn’t such a coward that I refuse to drive the 4 or 5 hours to see the Cayeux iris fields! Girding my loins for next year. I find there’s always too much to do at home – not a good situation if you want to learn about new things.

  3. That is not ‘too’ many iris. It is not much more than half of the pictures.
    Those in the background of the last picture look like Iris pallida.

      1. How excellent! Iris pallida seems to be more common than I had thought it was. I got mine from the garden of my maternal-maternal great grandmother. They are still my favorite iris. Another blogger will be sending me a white one in July. White happens to be my favorite color, although my originals from my great grandmother’s garden will still be my favorite.

  4. Your garden looks fabulous – I hadn’t noticed but certainly don’t mind you repeating yourself with such gorgeous images. A walk around your garden must be so lovely. 🙂

    1. So sweet Cathy – but you know, a walk around anyone’s own garden at the moment is the nicest thing the universe could give us – a May or a June morning full of flowers. I will be virtually visiting yours soon!

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