Easter Sunday 2019 & the Mirror Garden

10 thoughts on “Easter Sunday 2019 & the Mirror Garden”

  1. Gorgeous images of your Easter morning sky and glorious garden. The Euphorbias are magnificent I think. The constrained color palette is refined and sophisticated, though you’re longing for greys it’s all so appealing.

    1. I hope those greys, added in April, will begin to show up soon! I think the idea came from the grey-leaved mullein with yellow flowers that adores this garden.

  2. You have lots of company for Easter sunrise, as there are many services around, though I’ve only managed to make it to one. It seems it often rains or snows, is too darn cold or I’m too comfy in my bed!
    Your Euphorbias are stunning!

    1. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting, Eliza. I should have been out and about looking at other blogs! I like my bed too, but the excited feeling of ‘dying to get out there’ has come back.

  3. The sunrise pictures are amazing Cathy! It was good to visit parts of your garden we might not have seen before and learn more about the difficulties you face gardening here. Oh, and I tried to ‘like’ your last post as I didn’t have time to commment, but it didn’t seem to register…unless there is a delay in updating perhaps?

  4. It all looks so well cared for and your seeders have all obliged to sow into the most artistic spots. I’m glad I’ve looked at this tonight, rather than tomorrow… I’m pretty sure the feeling I shouldn’t even bother with my own garden will fade by then 😉

    1. You should see some of the messy spots here! I was actually so happy because SOME parts of the garden looked good! Happy May!

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