Notre Dame …

10 thoughts on “Notre Dame …”

  1. The sight of a building in the throes of destruction has never brought tears to my eyes before. Think the twin towers, York Minster. Horror, but not tears. What is it about Notre Dame? I have only visited it once, and can’t confess to knowing much about its history, but of all the buildings in the world, it just stands for so much and the damage is heartbreaking. But thank goodness so much has survived! And the announcement of a competition to design a new spire in inspired! That iconic building will continue, renewed, invigorated and maybe even in a better position to withstand the next 800 years!

    1. Thanks for your comment Amanda – you are so right. I do think it’s part of all of us. I just hope the heat shock/stress does not cause us to lose anything more over the coming months, including the three rose windows.

    2. I am sure the best of the best will be working on the fabric of the building, to secure and to heal it. Fingers crossed those beautiful windows continue to radiate their beauty. A

  2. I remember seeing Notre Dame as a teenager on my first and only school trip abroad. It left a last impression on me Cathy – such a breathtaking building. I’m so glad that almost fifty years later I returned last spring. I hope that she rises from the ashes to inspire generations to come with her sheer beauty. I’m though saddened by your suggestion that the English refuse to recognise themselves as European. I’ve lived in England all my life. My father was English and my mother was Italian. I most definitely think of myself as European. Although most of my friends have or had English parents they also think of themselves as European 🙂

    1. And thank goodness for people like you and your family! As a Scots-Canadian, I’m just observing the attitude that frequently seems to prevail in England at the moment. My husband encounters it every day at work.

  3. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful building. I’ve been lucky enough to visit Notre Dame several times, from the other side (end?) of the world, having first learnt about her in French Class decades (almost a lifetime) ago. Those lessons sowed the seed of an abiding love of France and its culture.

    1. Thanks for commenting! Yes – it was very heartfelt. Apparently some of the French billionaires who pledged so much money at the beginning have quietly slipped away …

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