Catching up & looking over my shoulder

12 thoughts on “Catching up & looking over my shoulder”

    1. It is indeed John! The weather this week has been superb too. I was thinking of you as I carried some heavy pots around (how much longer, etc?). Hope you are settling into your new situation and I’ll visit your blog soon to find out!

  1. Lovely to hear from you; I was wondering how you were. Lucky you having rain. It’s been dry here since a couple of wet days in January. I’ve already had to water some of the winter vegetable beds.

    1. Gosh – watering at this time of year! I’m kind of dreading what the summer will bring. In general our winters are now exceptionally wet – not a lot of snow, any more – and summers very dry. Enjoy those veggies, even though you are having to water! Hope to visit you soon if I manage to settle into more of a blogging habit again!

  2. Someone in Switzerland was just asking about Cornus mas. She had gotten a picture of it, and a few of us were trying to identify it. I sort of recognized it, but was not certain. Our Cornus mas does not defoliate very well here. It really looks shabby, adorned with flimsy bits of rotting leaves until new foliage develops. The bloom is not much to look at. Eventually, people from cooler New England climates were able to confirm the identity.

    1. Thanks for the comment and nice to hear from you Tony! I’d say it’s one for those who are passionate (like me) about winter flowers. Strange about the foliage on yours – mine just drops its leaves in the autumn, as with other decidous plants.

      1. I am sort of wondering if what I know as Cornus mas is actually something else. We grew only a few of the same at the nursery. There was not much demand for it here. It looks like what I see elsewhere, except with deteriorating foliage hanging from it. What is weirder it that it bloom later instead of earlier.

  3. So lovely to catch up with your garden! The river looks very angry – hope your rain has relented and good luck with the plans for this spring!

    1. Thanks for visiting, Cathy! It’s been a lovely week, after the rain on Monday. Your garden will be waking up too – hope to visit soon.

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