In a vase on Monday

10 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday”

  1. No way! I totally dig hybrid tea roses too! Not many will admit to that. John F. Kennedy is my all time favorite! I grew up with hybrid teas. Although I know that they were trendy back then, I do not like trends that came after them, and I get tired of those David Austin roses. (They are so uncommon that they are common.)

    1. A fellow believer! I don’t know ‘John F. Kennedy’, but will google and maybe try! Although I love Austin’s roses, I suspect they prefer less sun and more rain than we get here. They are very common indeed on this side of the water, and Austin has even opened a supply nursery in France, complete with French catalogue.

  2. Beautiful vase and lovely musings Cathy. Your combination of the white rose with the blues and violets is winsome. Sowing directly in the soil work for me only with zinnias. Never much luck with cornflowers, so yours are especially captivating. Have a great week. (love the header photo too by the way!)

  3. Hybrid teas are gorgeous and yours look especially beautiful with their blue supporting cast. “How many poignant little memories we all have tucked into dusty corners of our homes!” So true. I’m glad that your duck and vase are having a reunion!

  4. Interesting to read what you say about DA in France! I know what you mean about these lovely pointy buds but give me a full-petalled rose any day!! Your HTs do, however, look perfect set against the blues of the cornflower and statice and clary and I had to smile at your eidelweiss…you and me need to compare dusty cotrners one of these days!! ps I don’t even try direct sowing annuals and don’t find it much of a faff to sow them inside and keep potting them on

  5. That is one gorgeous rose! Why should anyone care about its parentage? It looks splendid with its blue and purple companions too.

    I decided some time ago that paying attention to what’s “in” is never as satisfying as focusing on what you like. I love roses, hybrid teas included, but sadly they don’t appreciate the low water diet they get here so I have very few of any type, although my ‘California Dreamin’ HT surprised me with 2 perfect blooms recently. (I didn’t use them in a vase but posted their pretty picture on Instagram.)

  6. I don’t think the hybrid t rose is ever out of fashion as they are always used by florists. I however prefer my roses scented and the David Austin roses do deliver wonderful scent. A lovely vase full and timeless.

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