September garden musings

4 thoughts on “September garden musings”

  1. I enjoyed the walk around your garden, Cathy. You have a similar climate and ‘soil’ to me and similar plants grow in my garden. I’ve the same problem with growing succulents as the winter is far too frosty for most of them, and yet they would do very well in summer. I wonder if your very first photo is of the trees as they are now? When Autumn starts here, we still have about weeks of weather that’s not much different from summer, so our trees start to turn later in the season.

  2. Thanks Jane! Well spotted – the picture was taken in October a year or so ago. It’s just in my ‘header’ library and yesterday I thought ‘It’s autumn!’, and changed the header! Although the trees did actually start yellowing, through drought, in August this year. So it already looks quite autumnal.

  3. I really enjoyed this long and detailed post, Cathy and I hope Nick doesn’t mind sharing it with a wider audience! There is such a lot to take in and posts like this give a better idea of what your garden is like. You are sensible to take a relaxed view about memes – it is better for our blogs to meet our needs and serve us rather than the other way round, although for me IAVOM breaks that rule in a way, whilst still serving its original purpose. It brings joy to so many people that I am happy to put the time into running it the way that I do. Hope all is well with you both in and out of your garden, Cathy

  4. Thanks so much for that comment Cathy. Yes, you are right. I find that IAVOM is a joyful experience and a very special meme – can’t thank you enough for starting it and running it so generously and joyfully! However I suffer from a lot of guilt when i don’t manage to get around and look at everyone else’s lovely vases! I need to find a way to participate without the guilt. I do hope that I manage to make time to blog more, because just rambling and saying how I feel about my own garden is very therapeutic (and there I think immediately of the title of your blog – clever you!)

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