In a vase on Monday

16 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday”

  1. Dahlia ‘Café au Lait’ is such a gorgeous thing! Every time I see it, I wish I had space for Dahlias in my garden! You’ve combined it beautifully in your lovely vase.

  2. I’m glad to see you pop up on IAVOM again, Cathy. I’ve yet to try growing ‘Cafe au Lait’ but I may based on your description of its color shifts. That’s one of the marvelous features of many dahlias in my estimation, the subtle daily changes in the appearance of the blooms.

    1. Oh Kris – haven’t visited you for a while and I always so enjoy your posts/vases. Sorry. That is one lovely dahlia – do try it. It went against everything I wanted in a flower, but every time it opens a bloom I rejoice!

  3. Cathy, your September effort certainly is a worthy and admirable one! Love the Café au Lait and the surprising use of the gladiolas. Gorgeous. My glads finished many weeks ago. Hope things are going well.

  4. That is one of those ethnic flowers that every good Italian American should grow, along with nasturtiums, zonal geraniums, callas, oleanders, (maybe) carnations and such; but I do not grow them anymore I will eventually.

      1. Dahlias are not really Italian. They are from Central America. They just happen to be very popular with people of Italian descent, perhaps because we are so involved with those of Mexican descent.

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