In a vase on Monday

17 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday”

  1. Good to hear from you, Cathy – you will soon see that many of us are enjoying zinnias this year! ‘Benary’s Giant Lime’ is gorgeous and I will try that next year as I have moved on from when I failed miserably with a green one before. Lovely antirrhinum and delphinium too, and it’s great to know that your greenhouse is doing the business – I look forward to reading your update in due course

    1. Benary’s Lime is definitely worth trying although the flowers are not consistently gorgeous. I am really taking a huge amount of pleasure in the zinnias – how fabulous to be part of a trend! Need to get ‘out’ and observe it!

  2. I love the color mixes in both vases, Cathy. And snapdragons and zinnias blooming at the same time – remarkable! I was late in getting my zinnias (and my dahlias) planted this year and I’m kicking myself over that – you can’t beat zinnias for summer blooms, especially when you’ve got sizzling heat.

    1. I didn’t know it was remarkable that they would bloom together! I sow the snapdragons early in late March/ early April, the zinnias in May. The snapdragons bloom first, but still manage to keep going well into the autumn. Thanks for the visit – must get over to yours!

    1. Not really hotter than usual Christina – 2016 was desperate. At least the temperatures are sinking nicely below 20 in the evening. I think I’m finding it harder this year because I’ve become aware that the endless watering regime every summer is part of my future here! Oh for some nice light soil so that I can grow the lovely greys! The grasses and perovskia still look good here, so I think I need to work on cuttings and adding different grasses …

  3. Those zinnias are very beautiful. I haven’t had anything to do with zinnias for years and don’t remember them being as attractive as yours. It’s true, you haven’t posted for a long time. Last time I read your blog, you were worrying about your open garden. Did it go well?

    1. I got turned on by seeing the purples and greens – the dark colours. I also love the colour variation in one flower. The open days went splendidly, thank you! So much fun, I highly recommend it. Although exhausting! I hope I will find the mojo to do it again next year. It was nice for the village as well, since we had a little bit of coverage in the local papers.

  4. Are daffodils and tulips that horrible? So you missed a few weeks . . . or months. At least you do it, which is more than I can do. I do not have the patience to assemble floral design with my meager pickings.

    1. I only do it SOMETIMES, Tony – maybe I should be more content with my efforts all round! Thanks for your comment, which gives me pause for thought!

  5. It’s good to see a post from you Cathy. Hope that your open garden went well. I’m new to zinnias this year having failed with them previously and am so far besotted 🙂 Maybe my success this year has something to do with the weather and a distinct lack of molluscs. I like your snapdragons too. The pink is an attractive warm shade. A most striking vase of flowers.

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