A few favourites … daffodils and tulips

13 thoughts on “A few favourites … daffodils and tulips”

  1. It was a delight to take a tour around your garden, Cathy. I couldn’t choose the most beautiful flower, but maybe the ‘Sorbet’? It all looks lush and stunning anyway. I’m sorry to hear about your box plants, which all look healthy despite the wretched grubs, and I do hope the treatment you ordered works.

  2. Such a treat to see all you beautiful bulbs – but what a shock about the box. I do hope the treatment works, and if not, you can (eventually!) come to see it as an opportunity.

  3. You show us a lot of wonderful tulips and a nice overview of your garden Cathy! Dark tulips are my favorites, maybe because I don’t have enough … Pic 4 is lovely too (the stone wall in the background, the path and euphorbia on the left side… really nice!)

  4. Oh what riches of daffies and tulips Cathy. Glorious colours and combinations. Sorry to hear about the wretched box moth caterpillar but try not to have nightmares about them. As Scarlett said “After all tomorrow is another day!”.

  5. Oh dear. How sad that your box trees might all be ravaged by those pesky creatures. The editor of my gardening magazine recently described his pain at losing a huge old box hedge in his home near Berlin, with it reduced to bare twigs within days… the moth seems to making its way into the heart of Europe now. I do hope your sprays work Cathy. But thinking about alternatives is very sensible for the long term. Your tulips are all looking gorgeous, especially with that Euphorbia. I am wondering whether to replant tulips in my rockery as I have lost dozens to mice this winter… or maybe I should also consider an alternative!

  6. Oh Cathy! What a pain! Thank goodness you have all these absolutely fantastic tulips to soften the blow. They really are sumptuous and your photos are beautiful. I hope the biological control knocks the box blight on the head – you may have caught it in time – but if not, how about Pittosporum ‘Tom Thumb’ which is dark red with vibrant green young foliage? We had a few in our last garden which I topiaried with the box balls we had and it performed well. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! And I’m adding a few of these tulips to my long list 🙂

    1. Such a good comment Sam – thanks so much! It’s great to have suggestions. I’ll see. Been furiously clipping box to get rid of the topmost caterpillars, while waiting for the product to arrive!

  7. Oh! I’m so sorry the deadly moth has arrived with you. I was away for 7 days and when I returned there wasn’t a leaf left on the Box. I, as you know, changed the whole design of the garden because of the loss of the box. You’ll find something different to use or change the design. I did put some Lonicera nitida in and at last it is forming good spheres, that might for you too. You have some very choice tulips.

    1. I thought of you often (and your warning) while out there trying to salvage. It’s still alive at the moment, but who knows. Maybe my garden will take on a new face (and I won’t have to do all that back-breaking clipping! Took me about 7 hours this last week!

      1. You can spray but it will be an on-going need, that’s why I removed my Box. I don’t think the biological control is very effective if there is a large infestation already

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