In a vase on Monday

19 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday”

  1. Very pretty vase, Cathy. I love crackle glass. Your hellebores look well with the catkins, showing off those winter whites! 🙂
    I too have kept my fall arrangement with the crocosmia leaves, who would have guessed that they’d still be looking so good? 😉

    1. Thanks so much Elizaa – I never knew it was called ‘crackle’ glass! It’s a good term, makes that loving veining spring to mind immediately – it looks almost like the veining on a dead leaf to me. Have a wonderful new year and looking forward to visiting your blog again very soon. Been too long!

  2. Those hellebores look wonderful – well ahead of mine. And yes, know what you mean about looking like orchids- but as I’m not a big orchid fan I prefer your lovely hellebores!
    Have a fabulous Christmas. 🙂

    1. Once again too late in responding! Have a wonderful new year Cathy – I look forward to catching up with Words and Herbs in 2018 – may it be a great year for you!

  3. Lovely vase, Cathy, and beautifully presented on your pretty balcony. Well done for braving the elements! Looking forward to seeing your new greenhouse. Still haven’t made up my mind about ours. Have a merry christmas 🙂

    1. A very merry Christmas to you as well Annette – I am, as you have suggested, worried about the heat, but I really do think I will enjoy the winter greens and the ability to take cuttings/sow seed late and early in the year. We’ll see …

  4. I am so glad you squeezed in time for this post, Cathy – like Jen I woud much rather have hellebores than orchids! There is a hint of bud on some of mine, but blooms are still a long way off. And no reason for not keeping your last arrangement as it show off the structure of the contents that we might miss if it was in colour rather than sepia. I am so looking forward to seeing your greenhouse later in the week – are you going to christen it with a bottle of bubbly? You must be so thrilled at its long awaited arrival 🙂 ps hope you have suficient time off working and house renovation to boost your energy levels and enjoy Christmas

    1. We already christened it with the bubbly! It was during our first snowfall (his fingers were hurting as he put in the last pieces of glass …). I have some pictures, but not of the actual bottle! I can’t work out why one of my hellebores flowered in November. In fact it was flowering from September … so strange.
      And yes, totally thrilled and grateful after the greenhouse manifestation!

      1. I was so excited to read your post, Cathy, and thrilled that you finally have your greenhouse; will comment further in due course

  5. Oh some fabulously atmospheric photos Cathy. I look forward to seeing photos of your greenhouse in due course. You must be so excited! Wishing you a most Happy Christmas and I hope that 2018 treats you and your garden kindly.

  6. Your hellebores look wonderful. I had never thought of using crocosmia leaves. I have lots of those. It’s often a case of looking at things differently isn’t it. Sending best wishes for a happy and peaceful Christmas. Not an easy time for you, I know, so I’m sending a hug your way xx

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