Anniversary Vase on Monday

35 thoughts on “Anniversary Vase on Monday”

  1. Glad you had a laugh – that means it was worth it. Truth is, I’ve felt a little ashamed now that I’ve started to look at everyone else’s perfectly arranged offerings!

  2. Great minds think alike, although I must admit I never thought of a flower arrangement in the loo, that is very original. And what a lovely arrangement it is too although perhaps it would look better transferred to a more conventional container, I am not sure that a lavatory has an elegant angle. But then look at Marcel Duchamps, he made art out of a urinal and your arrangement us much more artistic than that.

  3. I think it’s a wonderful idea, especially as it was born out of what is going on around you (I skimmed through your earlier post yesterday on my phone but still need to go back and read it properly and comment) – and the grasses, seedheads and branches make a great showpiece in what is definitely not an actual ‘vase’! Brilliant – thanks so much for sharing it, Cathy

  4. I enjoyed this tremendously, Cathy! Having already read Chloris’ post, I assumed you’d also used a chamber pot so the sight of the toilet threw me into an attack of the giggles. You did right by the receptacle and I think it’s entirely in the spirit of fun associated with the IAVOM posts.

  5. Laughing out loud currently, an ode to the Porcelain God! I love it. I do have sort of a love hate relationship with Miscanthus though strictus is my favorite. I think you call it zebrinus! Lovely

    1. Thanks – I like it because sometimes my garden looks less than ‘well-defined’ – it’s one of those things that saves it a little, especially late in the year.

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