October End of Month View

26 thoughts on “October End of Month View”

  1. Your garden looks so amazingly wintry already, I’m shocked. But it has all grown a lot. I’m rather envious that you’ve had a lot of rain; really we haven’t had any measurable rain since last autumn but we are threatened with heavy rain from Sunday, my fingers are crossed.

  2. How beautiful with the frost, it really highlights the forms and structure. I’m also surprised by how much things seem to have grown!
    The stairs in your garden always make me tired, but the views are definitely worth it.

  3. How exciting to comprehensively look round your garden8 again – as you say, the structure is becoming more apparent. It is such a big undertaking and it is not surprising that juggling life is hard. I was excited to read that you nearly have your greenhouse – and a little amused at how precisely those tools are laid out…is that indicative of everything he does… ? 😉

  4. Some great pictures and the garden is looking great. It must be very different gardening on such a slope. There must be quite a difference climatically between the top and bottom.

    1. ‘Different’ is a very polige word for what it is, Steve! I guess the main difference is in summer, thankfully. At the top everything is like a boiler, but we get a little relief moving further down the garden.

  5. Foul weather it may have been but your garden is looking splendid, Cathy. It has come on so well and is startting to mature. We’ve just had a touch of frost so everything is still fine. Wouldn’t mind if you’d send me some rain. Didn’t know that they want to abandon the accent circonflexe, good to know. From next year on I assume? Think I may have asked you before but forgot: which greenhouse did you choose? Think you said it comes from the UK, no? We have to replace ours before too long and I can’t make up my mind. Glass looks nice but is it wise in areas that get so hot in summer? Also they’re not as well insulated and I overwinter my pots there. Love your last vase too, très baroque. Have a good weekend 🙂

    1. Hi Annette – you can definitely have some of the excess rain we’re having today! The greenhouse is an Eden Orangery. The greenhouse will be very hot in summer. I’m hoping to grow tomatoes in there, but am nervous. Still, can’t grow them outside because of blight. Mostly it is for very early seed-sowing (the walls will keep it so warm) and winter greens for the kitchen. I’ve definitely been worried about the heat, but it will look nice, I’ll be able to sit in there on a wet day like today – only time will tell. Oh, yes, and it’s a modest little thing – an Eden Orangery which we had delivered here. We are, as I said, painting it to go with our pergola.

      1. Thanks for the info, I’ll check them out. As we have a conservatory I wouldn’t sit in it but it’d be nice to have a good looking one. Hope you’ll get better weather soon x

      2. I daresay you’ll have more space, Annette, so that greenhouse wouldn’t be for you. I was trying to find something with an interesting shape for a small corner! Already planning a potting on pergola!

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