Tuesday View

13 thoughts on “Tuesday View”

  1. It is glorious Cathy! Love the golden Thalictrum, and might try growing one. The day lilies among the rose are so pretty. Personally I think pink and yellow/orange look great together. My first orange day lily opened this morning too 🙂 Now I must look up Onopordon… Have a good weekend!

      1. A perfect example of me getting my names wrong, Cathy. I looked at our exchange this morning, knew I didn’t have a Scotch thistle, and tried to rack my old memory! It’s a Cardoon – not an onopordum at all. So the rather ornamental version of an artichoke, which is much taller than the veg garden plant.

    1. I am beginning to enjoy pink and orange as well, although at first I felt rather embarrassed about my growing affection! The thalictrum is very pretty, because the foliage is very glaucous, but it does get tall. Unfortunately have just noticed that the other, ‘Elin’, has lost all its leaves. I’m hoping it will come back, but was too crowded where I put it. You have a good weekend!

  2. The long border is looking good – and I like the day lily ane rose combination!. And Ghislaine de F is beautiful – how long does she flower for?

    1. Good to know that I’m not the only one to enjoy that slightly shocking combination! Ghislaine is just going over now (a once-flowering rose), but she’s been flowering for about 6 weeks. I’ll trim her back, and occasionally she’s come back again a little in the autumn.

  3. It’s all so classic summer… the borders, the roses… G de F is glorious, and so is William Lobb. My first try with antique roses here was not very successful, but this will encourage me to have another go!

    1. Unfortunately we haven’t really got (like you, Amy!) the classic summer weather that goes with that kind of border! I enjoy the old roses when they are flowering, but when I plant others now, am starting to go for the Bourbons, which repeat a little.

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