Tuesday View

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  1. Oh yes, I like those spiky plants too and I also enjoy seeing the sword-like leaves of crocosmia before the flowers arrive. I wonder why your Achilleas only last a couple of years… is it drainage do you think? I have had one for years which I thought was indestructible, but the winter almost finished it off and although it isn’t dead it might not flower this year. Your roses are a real picture, especially the mossy W. Lobb. It’s a lovely border Cathy. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. I think it may be this particular Achillea, Cathy. It seems, although beautiful, to be rather short-lived. And yes – probably a drainage issue. All Achilleas like good drainage (ours is poor), but some are more sensitive than others, possibly? I don’t know, always observing! M. Lobb is very sweet, always a firm friend, although he has no manners on our soil here.

  2. Beautiful borders, Cathy! Your roses look wonderful. Do you find it easy to get the antique varieties locally, or do you have to order them in?
    I admit I’m relieved to find that someone shares my inability to properly appreciate daylilies… They were very popular in the Midwest, where I made my first garden – understandably as the basic orange types are so well adapted as to naturalize by the roadsides. I did finally find a miniature that I liked, a small red by the name of ‘Pardon Me’. I don’t even try them here, as I don’t think they would really be drought-tolerant enough for this garden, but I so sympathize with your quandary! 😉

    1. Oh, I think we hemerocallis dislikers should stick together! I shall look for ‘Pardon Me’ straight away, since it has your permission! I do like the one that I put in my vase on Monday, however. It is, I think, Hemerocallis lilioasphodus. Very dainty, scented, a lovely pale yellow. Let me know if you come across any others worth growing, since we are obviously on the same page.

    2. Forgot to reply to the question about the roses, Amy. I have to buy everything mail order here. There are no decent nurseries around (although I’m beginning to find good French mail order nurseries). All of my roses (49 at the last count) come from either David Austen or Peter Beales. I am a devotee of both nurserymen.

  3. I always love verticals in the garden so your spikes are great. I’m all for loving what loves my garden but…….. then there’s the Phlomis – it seeds everywhere and I hate the smell. I think I’m going to try to banish it to just the slope.

    1. Oh Christina – so fascinating the ways in which our gardens are similar, and yet completely different. So far phlomis has NEVER self-seeded here. Although other things do. At the moment I am over-run with Knautia macedonica. I never thought I would regret it, but I can hardly keep up. It didn’t do this ‘upstairs’ in the garden, where I wanted it to!

  4. Raining heavily yesterday? Here the wind and rain reached biblical proportions. Just as I sat down to catch up on a long list of unread blogs, we had a power cut that went on all day, so no nice cup of tea either. Flaming June indeed.
    I don’t like Day Lilies either, although I whisper it because our American blogging chums seem to be mad about them.
    I love Ghislaine de Feligonde, such a gorgeous colour and a pretty name too.

    1. How awful about the storms – we did have very stormy weather over the weekend, but nothing like yours. I am glad for the rain – and am noticing it as unusual here since lots of weeds are germinating very late (but not the things I deliberately sowed – isn’t that just like life?) The Ghislaine is so amazing at the moment – I could just swim in her beauty and be happy ever after … it takes a year without to make you appreciate.

    1. So far no fasciation (just fascination!) for which I am heartily pleased, since I find it so ugly. Thanks for enjoying what I enjoyed!

  5. Thanks for sharing this – it’s good to a more detailed look at some of your border. William Lobb looks a real good do-er, albeit a bit over enthusiastic! And yes, where DO clumps of plants disappear to?!

    1. He is rather lovely (M. Lobb, that is). Or at least he was in the past. What is it with my garden? Previous experience has not prepared me!

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