Tuesday View

11 thoughts on “Tuesday View”

  1. Wow, that rose! There is so much to love in your view Cathy! That Asphodeline is very attractive and I can imagine it with Camassias too… my Camassias are just about to open and I will have to oost about them soon. I have never seen the Thalictrum with yellow flowers, but do grow Elin… you are going to love that when it flowers! Mine gets to about 2 metres or even taller. I also tried growing Angelica from seed many years ago and resorted to buying a plant which just disappeared… maybe the snails? I love the way those leaves stand out next to the Weigela.
    Oh, and your lawn doesn’t look messy at all, in fact thise straight edges are enviable!
    Hope you have a great break, and I shall look forward to the update when you return!

    1. Thanks Cathy – there was I thinking we were just about the same timing in the seasons! My camassias (elsewhere) have just past it now (so perhaps wouldn’t be flowering with the Asphodels anyway!!) I am really looking forward to Elin – I only read about it and then ordered it immediately. The mail order plants I get here are small, so I watch it carefully, hoping it survives. Would be nice to see a picture of yours later on when it flowers? Am looking forward to my 10 days away – and to coming back to the garden!

  2. The late frosts have been terrible haven’t they? My newer mulberry near the gate has lots almost all its leaves and looks terrible. The older one shows no signs of damage at all. Your banksia is amazing just the right choice for that beautiful old wall.

    1. Thanks Christina – yes, a bit disturbing those frosts. I hope your mulberry is ok – interesting that it was the young one that was disfigured – that seems to be the experience here, too. I guess your mulberry is quite biggish? The rose is nice against the wall. I look forward to it tremendously every year. And it’s always interesting that the buds nestled directly against the stone are the ones to open first.

    1. Unfortunately not. I haven’t been to Chelsea for many years … not since I left Britain in 2004. At first I didn’t miss it because I had been going since the 1980s and it had become a bit too ‘samey’ (in spite of what the hort journalists who cover it say!). Now I watch it avidly on the tv!

  3. Lovely to see things are shaping up in abundance. Love the use of the third peron singular, re. the grass cutting I will be borrowing that if I may. x

  4. Sorry to read the frost has been making an unwelcome visit 😐 – hope that’s it for this year. Your banksia rose is amazing and it was good to see all your other giants too. Enjoy your break, whrever it is

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