Harry Potter à la française

9 thoughts on “Harry Potter à la française”

  1. Cathy, what a great story and lovely pictures of it all. Disappointed that the picture of the King and Queen was missing. These were also beautiful pics of the autumn colours from the garden. Just gorgeous colours!

    Those children must have had a fabulous time. Well done to all the senior witches and wizards who did it all and to the Royalty who took the pictures for this great Village event. I loved it all and shall look at it all again. Love

    Mum. Xxxx

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  2. I smiled all the way through reading this, Cathy, and was trying to read between the lines about your involvement as you kept throwing in tantalising little snippets – your cover is at least partially blown though! Is the Fête des Sorcières an old tradition or something has been created recently? And are buildings falling down because of their age and neglect and are they not of sufficient merit to restore?

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