Cutting garden review, June

18 thoughts on “Cutting garden review, June”

  1. A very thorough report on your successes and failures. This year has been so cold and wet it is difficult to actually learn much from how things grew this year. My Zinnias were pricked out this year and last. I did sow later this year because I read that they needed high light levels after germinating. You sound as if you’ll have plenty of material for some lovely vases. BTW I’ve also found that my Bishop dahlias don’t last well when cut, I’m going to remove mine, I could grow something better in the space.

    1. I agree about the season, Christina. Although I AM learning about zinnias – you’ve helped, and my own (disastrous!) results in 2016 will hopefully bear fruit next year.Hopefully the vases will be good – yes Bishop’s Children is useless in a vase. But what pretty foliage in a hot border!

      1. Yes, mine is a named Bishop (actually wrongly named when purchased) so it isn’t just the B’s children that are not good in a vase.

  2. An impressive enterprise! It ought to produce wonderful results this summer.
    I no longer do seed starts as I have an incredibly cheap source from a local farmer. Glad to give him the business to get me off the hook! The rest goes in the ground, but the slugs do give me a discouraging time. Love your kitty! ❤

    1. Fingers crossed, Eliza. I quite enjoy seed – although not so much this year, because I’ve had such a hard time getting anything to germinate.

  3. Cathy reading this post I realised for the first time that being a novice gardener and starting late in life means I have no comparisons of before or other places, which sounds like a blessing, ignorance is bliss it seems, I don’t have a greenhouse and just use 2 windowsills, given my windy position the tall poly covered shelves you are using would be useless, however, a few years ago I read a suggestion that the opaque storage boxes with lids make good coldframes, I bought some and they proved to be great, they have finally gone brittle from being outside so long but i plan replacing them, I don’t know if you can get them in France,
    I love your photos of the delphiniums and their bed fellows, Frances

    1. Once again, wisdom from Frances! You are so right! Experience can be a disadvantage. A good idea about the storage boxes. I shall search them out. I definitely need more propagating space. And they could be brought in again in winter.

  4. The Delphiniums look wonderful, whatever else happens they should give you a lot of pleasure this year. Sounds like you’ll have plenty of sunflowers also, they are a favorite of mine.

    1. They already have – even in the rain. When my husband comes home at weekends he goes out and rescues the ones with faces in the mud. Hopefully the slugs don’t get the sunflowers.

  5. I love watching your garden creep down the slope towards the river 🙂
    For a few larger seeds which give me trouble I’ve started to pre-sprout between damp paper towels and then set the germinating ones into cell packs once I know who’s viable. It’s tedious work but I also lost everything to excess rain last spring and between that and waiting for rotted seed to sprout I find this worth the trouble.
    But on the other hand I feel silly giving propagation suggestions to you, your garden speaks for itself and it says you are doing just fine, even with a few ups and downs!

    1. Oh no – never hesitate to advise! It is wonderful advice! If we have another wet spring next year I will DEFINITELY try that with the zinnias. I have almost none this year, and I enjoyed them so much last year. Keep the advice coming! (But actually I learn quite a lot from reading your own posts! You are a pretty imaginative gardener.)

  6. The scale of your gardening overwhelms me Cathy. I admire your achievements. The glads look so beautifully healthy. Can’t wait to the the black one.

  7. this is totally overwhelming… how do you keep track of all this… how have you learnt how to take care about each plant? 🙂
    I love the numerous tiny pots in the propagating area… 🙂

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