Au Voleur! (Or what the gendarmes do when …)

22 thoughts on “Au Voleur! (Or what the gendarmes do when …)”

  1. Hi Cathy, I am sorry to read your post, that sounds like a very stressful and frustrating week. How can the Gendarmes go without pay? What an extraordinary situation. And how awful to find your car has been vandalised, a violation made worse by the lack of reporting. The reference to cabbages has gone over my head, is that the potential attraction for the Bulls? We haven’t had cows but the pigs and horses in our lane have got into the front garden a couple of times, I sympathise with you absolutely not wanting them trampling your beautiful garden. I hope this coming week improves for you.

    1. I’m sure it will Julie. The cabbage reference is because a garden around here is, to most people, just cabbages etc. The idea was that we were going to all that trouble and we didn’t even have any cabbages to protect. But I’m being a bit snide. Many of my French friends who value their cabbages highly would also be distressed if their roses were ruined.

  2. The good news is that the week is almost over and that you’ve retained a sense of humor. That’s quite a set of stories: cow, ladders, thieves and vandals, and police hampered by, oh so many things. You live in a beautiful place and have a beautiful garden, though–I hope that prove a balm to your current woes.

    1. Yes – at the end of the week things do seem much better! Sometimes we need (small) alarms to remind us how peaceful/pleasurable life often is!

  3. Oh dear, how stressful. Sorry about the car. Dealing with situations like this is never straightforward and I imagine it’s worse in rural France. Do you know who owns the bull? Can you appeal to the owner to keep him in his own field?! Well done on all your garden defences. I think having even the possibility of a bull rampaging in my garden would tip me over the edge! Hope your week improves and you have a calm, sunny weekend.

    1. I tried not to be tipped over the edge Sam, but tricky! We will put a permanent line of wire along the boundary and they only like what is easy! Thanks for your kind comment.

  4. I love your counter-measures, although obviously I am sorry that you’ve had to go to such lengths to prevent bull access. I hope that this weekend brings some relief for you.

  5. Sorry about your problems,especially the car. What a day again torrential rain and storms here! Xxx

  6. What a week. Bulls and car theft. You are very brave chasing bulls. I am terrified of them. But then, I am terrified of cows too, which is pathetic.

    1. Unfortunately just as I was to give chase my husband commented on the statistics re death from cattle every year. But it didn’t stop me!

  7. sorry you have had such a bad week Cathy, I’m glad the bull hasn’t been back and hope he keeps away from yours and your neighbours garden, I’ve no cattle experience but sheep, yes, a cow is so much larger and more heavy footed so can imagine, I hope you have had some better results regarding the car, and gendarmes, how awful they were not paid,
    I wish you and the BV a good new week, Frances

    1. This week’s getting better now, Frances! It is terrible about the gendarmes, isn’t it? I think it’s good to know things like that, because so often we are to quick to criticise.

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