In a vase on Monday

35 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday”

    1. It’s rather an ordinary little jug Joanna, but pretty as you say. It came from Greece and was a wedding present from a lady whose garden I used to do. Nice memories – should have added that to the post, shouldn’t I?

    1. Opulent is a good word to describe them. When I have them on the kitchen table they make me feel as if I am living in the lap of luxury!

  1. Roses with elderflower makes a great combination. I got rid of all my roses because they all had black spot – ooops sorry – I know you didn’t want me to talk of the dreaded thing!

    1. Oh – I could never do that, I love them too much. But when I lived in Britain (even in dry East Anglia) I did sometimes wonder about it. Fortunately this is the wettest spring I’ve experienced here – usually it’s too dry around now! Still – at least the roses will put on lots of growth for next year.

  2. The roses look perfect with the touches of nigella and elder. Came across elder blooming in our local botanical garden last week–had never really noticed it before this year. The vase is a star.

    1. Elder is really very pretty. We now have a purple leaved one that has pink flowers. Chloris at the Blooming Garden told me that if you make (non-alcoholic) elderflower champagne with it, it is pink. Looking forward to ours being big enough.

    1. Thanks John – it is really quite a special colour. I think he has been hiding his light under a bushel until this year!

  3. I love this shape of rose – and I know just what you mean about bush instead of straggly sticks! It’s great when our roes reach that stage isn’t it? The elder blossom is so pretty – is it on your boundaries and do you have a problem with seedlings? I took out my S de la M last year and replaced it with Gertrude Jekyll because I had never EVER had a pristiine flower from it

    1. So do I Cathy! We had plans to put in some HTs for cut flowers this year and instead planted another 4 Austin roses because I can’t resist them. The elder is on our boundaries (quite a lot of it) – haven’t noticed seedlings (but maybe I will in future!). It usually is very hot and dry in spring here – fortunately it’s the first year I’ve had a problem with SDLM. I think the shape is so perfect, would be hard to imagine this time of year without it!

  4. Your Rose is a real rose colour and looks lovely with the blue Nigella and a collar of white elder. Elderflower picking is on my list for cordial making and this time I intend to add some red rose petals (from R. Fragrant Cloud) to give a hint of pink.

    1. I like the idea of colouring elderflower cordial with rose petals! I shall be picking some elderflowers in the next few days for processing and might try that too. 🙂

    2. What a nice idea – did you read a comment somewhere around here about how pink elderflower (from a purple leaved bush like Black Lace) makes pink elderflower champagne. Happy cordial making!

  5. A gorgeous rose Cathy! Such a rich colour and lovely frilly petals. Our elderflowers are opening too and today I could smell them in the garden. I might go and pick some tomorrow for cordial. 🙂

  6. I walked past an elder in full bloom yesterday and the scent was delicious. Your roses here are very pretty, Cathy. I’d like to grow more roses (but there is a long list of things I’d like to have..!). I’ve just scrolled back to catch up with your posts and have to tell you I LOVE the ‘end of month view’ shot of your rose garden and the way they all look so natural. What an amazing place you have. I look forward to seeing more. Sam x

    1. Thanks for visiting Sam, glad you enjoyed. I do love elder as well – we just planted a purple-leaved one last year. Flowering for the first time!

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