In a vase on Monday

24 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday”

  1. I agree that Monday morning isn’t my best time to pull my vase together. I usually do it on Sunday afternoon. I love the idea of chives as an edging: beautiful and as you say, useful.

    1. Oh good – I don’t feel so bad that I did mine on Saturday now. It’s the photographing on Monday morning I find the headache!

  2. Don’t recognize it but I agree, your shrub made a great vase. The soft colors of chive and aquilegia are perfect with it. Always nice to have plants that keep well in a vase too. Have a good week.

    1. You have a good week too – I hope my vase lasts longer than last week’s did. I was in awe of how long you said your vases from the last 2 weeks had lasted.

  3. I cheated this week too, Cathy, my vase was for Friday evening. I’ve been surprised that it has lasted very well. I feel I should recognize your pretty flowers but I don’t know what they are. Are they perfumed! The soft colours work beautifully together.

    1. A very slight perfume, Christina. I reckon they might be a privet species, but am often wrong about these things. A mystery for me to solve.

  4. Like Christina, I’m sure I’ve seen those fuzzy white flowers before but I can’t put a name to them either. They’re very pretty and I’m fairly certain they don’t grow here.

  5. Come, come ladies – it’s not cheating to make your vases in advance!! I love your fuzzy vase, whatever the contents – and I am sure the name of this shrub will suddenly pop into our minds when we least expect it! The chive flowers are adorable – I was just noticing my chives were just budding up and wondering whether to pinch the flowers off, but seeing yours here I will allow them to open and perhaps they will appear in a vase too…

    1. It suddenly occurred to me when I was out today that it might simply be a privet species! But I have vague memories of berries too (I have a bad memory!)

      1. No – a soft, hedgey type thingey, Cathy. No thorns. I do think still it might be snowberry – I think I might have got that idea from the berries in autumn (but can’t really remember!)

      2. And yesterday I noticed hawthorn close up which reminded me of your blooms. Can’t remember if you showed the leaves

      3. Hi Cathy – Anna has just identified it as Spiraea betulifolia (bless her) – she’s spot on, now I’ve checked – so off with the detective cap! Thanks again so much for your dogged determination to help and resolve! Have a wonderful week!

  6. I love thise fluffy flowers Cathy! It’s such a joyful frothy arrangement altogether. Afraid I don’t know what they could be though.

  7. Now that isn’t real cheating 🙂 A most pretty trio. I was tempted to pick some chive flowers from the allotment yesterday but every time I looked at them the bees were enjoying them so I didn’t have the heart to snip. The unknown shrub flowers look familiar but at the moment the name is evasive.

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