Photo Challenge: Admiration

DSC_0112 (1)

A stone with fossils picked up at Llandudno beach in Wales over thirty years ago when I was on a botany field trip, studying woodland and seashore ecological succession.

It seems to me that anyone holding a camera in their hands is in the grip of an extreme admiration for the thing viewed through the lens.  It is almost like being in love – the circling of the object, the quiet, obsessive observation … the excitement of capture. (And, of course, the disappointment when faced with failure.)

My admiration here is focused on the patterns, seemingly accidental, of which nature is capable. The tracery of fossils looks a little like a birch wood, I think, and so I have fancifully draped a bit of twisted willow against it to make a picture. I wish I knew which sea creatures or plants had created that miniature woodland.

DSC_0114 (1)

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