Tulips & other favourite things

28 thoughts on “Tulips & other favourite things”

  1. How lovely to see the whole garden. And such fabulous tulips – I’m now officially besotted with them and think I’ll feel a real sense of loss when mine go over this year!

  2. What a treat to have so many tulips – I think the bright yellow Westpoint are my favourites. I always find red flowers very difficult to photograph, they always seem to have glare on them on the computer screen. I have tried all sorts of different settings, but can’t ever sort it.

    1. Thanks for the encouraging photography perspective, Annette. Although you’ve captured your own poppy perfectly, I should add! I adore Westpoint too.

  3. I think the red tulips might be ‘Pretty Woman’ it repeats well here. I’m a bit surprised your tulips repeat so well each year in a clay soil. I very much enjoyed the tour around the garden.

    1. Thanks Christina – it could well be ‘Pretty Woman’. I even found a photo that showed some of the slightly purple colour that my red tulip has – although also found an older one called ‘Pieter de Leur’ on Jaques Amand that seems to fit. Guess I’ll never know! Most of my tulips are chosen for their persistence (having known them in the past) – but they don’t persist quite as well here as on other clay soils I’ve gardened.

      1. I hardly water at all Christina if I can help it. But I have been establishing so many plants since we came here that I’ve done more than I normally would – I can only really plant safely in the spring and until this year spring has been very dry here. In Britain I never needed to water at all – there was always enough rain!

  4. my goodness it did raineth didn’t it! Cathy, I think the mirror garden looks beautiful in it’s subtle shades of green, just because it is almost monochrome doesn’t mean it can’t be colourful, it just depends on how you interpret ‘colourful’, the only thing that is imo noticeable is the blue pot, perhaps a green or grey one, the yellow tulips look lovely and I imagine when the yellow rose is flowering across the wall it will look equally lovely/beautiful,
    could the reason for the summer lull just be the heat, I have read that summer is a dormant period in hotter climates and then autumn is like a second spring,
    your garden is looking very lush and the tulips are quite beautiful, Frances

  5. I feel as if I’ve actually walked around your garden with you while we’ve been talking. Thank you for such an interesting walk, I think your garden is absolutely beautiful. I’ve had tulip fire at the allotment for the first time. I’ve dug up all the old and affected bulbs and just composted them and I’ll prepare a new tulip bed ready for planting at the end of the year.

  6. Can’t get over the change, it looks absolutely stunning and your tulips are a joy to behold, Cathy. Do they come back reliably? I like your self-made plant supports, very well done. Don’t find your mirror garden colourful. Serene and green. Euphorbias like me too and especially characias is wandering about but I don’t mind and they’re easy to pull up if in the wrong place. Do you ever get birds flying into the mirror? Have a nice spring 🙂

    1. Thanks Annette! And especially for the plant support comment … fortunately I think the mirror is too ‘hazed’ to have birds fly into it – you can see only ‘through the glass darkly’!

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