Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons

18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons”

  1. hmm, rather a romantic vision I don’t share at the moment, and my reply to Walt is ~ having too much of a good thing, is not good!
    here the seeds are drowned or drowning except those that like growing in a swamp,

    nice photo of seedheads and raindrops, have lots of new camera fun, Frances

    1. Hi Frances – I’m terribly behind with everything, including replying to kind comments! Actually, at the moment I agree with you, not Walt. We’ve definitely had too much of a good thing!

  2. So glad to have found your blog! I am not a formally trained gardener, but I’ve been gardening on and off for many years. I’m starting on a new garden space and am looking forward to reading back to how you developed your garden! Anne

    1. Anne – I’m so sorry to have taken so long replying. It was lovely to read your comment though. I hope you continue to enjoy my blog. I won’t stop, although I’m not a very ‘faithful’ blogger!

    1. Replying far too late, Amy. We did have some sunshine (and now I have a sore back and hands with all the work in the garden!) But I’m afraid it’s back to rain again …

    2. Amy – sure you won’t read this, but here goes – I was reading your spring bulb blog this morning (also Kris Peterson’s in LA) and for both of you couldn’t work out how to leave a comment. Could you give me instructions?

  3. I grew up in the south and it was a common phrase: I reckon I will…. I reckon it’s a ….. etc. I think we meant something like I suppose…, or I think… I still say that today.

    1. Two months ago when I read your comment, John, I meant to reply … yes, I think it’s a very North American word. There are a lot of old words that English-speaking North Americans have preserved in the language since they first made their escape from Europe, aren’t there? We have a richer language on account of it.

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