Tree Following and other good things last week

9 thoughts on “Tree Following and other good things last week”

  1. nice you have come back to tree following Cathy, the Walnut you are following is a nice shape but I know what you mean about the multi stem trees, I like them too, I find it interesting how the same species trees in a garden each do their own thing, like your walnut leafing out at different times I have birches next to each other at different stages of leaf, guess each is an individual just like people, sitting in a bit of dappled shade by a river on a hot day sounds good, I like the shape of your favourite Walnut too,
    your Elderberry looks beautiful, I have a very small E. Black lace, the leaves are beautiful, sorry I can’t help with the hemerocallis, does it have a perfume or not, that would help narrow the field a bit, I have yellow flowering Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus which has a perfume, mine is in bud currently,

    1. Frances – it has a lovely scent, sniffed this morning. So could well be ‘your’ H. lilioasphodelus. Just need to get some books out now; unfortunately it is nearly finished flowering.

  2. Juglans Regia has a really beautiful bark when it is mature so a multi -stemmed one is a great idea. I have a Black Lace Elder and it has pink flowers which make a pink cordial. It looks so pretty in a glass.

    1. Nice to have knowledgeable approval for something that just ‘seems right’. I’m looking forward to your pink cordial from my Black Lace!

  3. The walnut trees are very late to leaf out – they do that here as well (November/December). I must admit I prefer trees to have come into leaf earlier rather than later – it’s odd looking at a winter silhouette under a blazing hot sun!
    The elder is looking lovely with all of its flowers. Fingers crossed that the weather cools a little to give your new shrubs some time to cope and establish!

    1. I know what you mean about the bald trees in summer. It disturbs me. But now it has some leaves and I know, once again, that the second walnut is alive. Yes – lots of watering. I was not confident with autumn plantings at the start here (mostly due to events in our first winter), but I’m thinking I need to be braver (to save on water if nothing else).

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