In a vase on Monday: Nick’s delphiniums

24 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday: Nick’s delphiniums”

  1. Your rescued Delphiniums are beautiful, Cathy, and, as you said, deserving of better monikers. I’ve always loved Delphiniums but they’re not well-suited to my climate, even if the plants are offered by the local garden centers. I’m glad to have an opportunity to enjoy them in your photos.

    1. Glad you enjoyed – I planted them against my better judgement because they require work! But they seem to be thriving, in spite of me!

  2. I love your delphiniums Cathy – such a good idea to save them from their collapse in the garden! Your garden is certainly a few weeks ahead of mine – I am still waiting for roses, nigella, nepeta & delphiniums. I do hope you can join in with my Cutting garden meme in June and thank you for the mention!

    1. I guess we would be ahead, and it’s quite hot our south-facing slope in any case. Looking forward to the June cutting garden – even took a few pics for it yesterday!

  3. Cathy, your rescues are really lovely. The delphinium is gorgeous and wow! Fabulous roses. I sometimes find I’ve spent way too many hours getting a vase ready to share, but it’s enjoyable to have the flowers indoors.

    1. I know what you mean about spending too much time – I tried to do this quickly as it was a spur-of-the-moment thing. But I do love the meme and would like to try harder to contribute to it!

    1. Ha! Grecian toga – it is a very classical vase, Joanna. The only decent one I have – I am fond of it, but sometimes wish it wasn’t Wedgewood, because that means I’m sure to break it!

  4. Nick’s special Delphinium is gorgeous . I am glad you were inspired to use them in your vase today . The Nigella is special , too. Such a beautiful combination of flowers 🙂 WG

  5. A perfectly gorgeous delphinium, Cathy – I am not jealous… honestly 😉 but I never have gardened anyplace where they would grow well so it’s wonderful to get to see them elsewhere! And I love the combination with the white Nigella and the roses – just lovely 🙂

    1. It’s the first time I’ve ever grown them! Nick forced/persuaded me to go for a special offer on named plug plants last year – a saga in itself when they arrived bashed and bruised in the post. But now they are in the ground, they seem to quite like it here, so perhaps they’ll stay with me!

  6. I like Joanna’s toga reference and see where she is coming from and I am sure Nick will be delighted to see his delphiniums used this way. For the first time ever I have got a delphinium to flowering stage which I am very excited about, grown from a small plug, and coincidentally I also have a replacement plug waiting to be planted out which is ‘Blue with White Bee! Yours (sorry, Nick’s) looks stunning with the nigella and nepeta – I have white nigella seedlings from seed I collected last year am looking forward to them flowering too! Thanks for sharing all this loveliness Cathy 🙂

    1. I wonder if we got our plugs from the same place, Cathy? I bought mine last June (over twenty varieties, I think it was, from Hayloft Plants). It was a really good offer and they plants have done better than expected. I always think I’m too careless and hasty a gardener to get delphiniums growing well.

      1. Yes, Hayloft have some really good offers – and I am exactly the same as you with delphiniums, which is why I am surprised that I have one about to flower!

  7. Delphiniums are gorgeous, I used to grow them in the UK but have always thought it too hot for them here, but of course in the cutting bed they might do very well. The Larkspur are similar and seem to flower for ages which is probably better for picking. Good luck with the cutting border, I’m sure you’ll. e as pleased as I was when I started mine last year.

    1. Thanks Christina – I was very dubious about them because our slopes are so hot. It was only when I finally started gardening below in an area that gets part day shade (no sun from about 3/4pm) that I thought I might manage them. And then my arm was twisted by Nick and a very good offer from Hayloft Plants!

  8. Broken flowers often make for beautiful bouquets. A flower is a terrible thing to waste! Nick’s Delphiniums are lovely, and I really like the Nigella included in the arrangement.

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