The School Project 2


So much for good intentions! I promised myself I’d photograph these hyacinths every seven days. But, you know what? They were just too boring every seven days! Although I did become rather excited when both little green noses had appeared. Generally, however, it was like sitting eternally watching a kettle boil.

They have now been growing on in my house for approximately five weeks. The promise is flowers in twelve weeks if you grow them like this. It seems to me that my hyacinth explosion will be sooner than that.

Since I have quite a warm kitchen in the evening and a blind over the kitchen windowsill, I decided that an evening retreat to the comparative coolness behind the blind would be a good plan.  It seems to be working and hopefully I won’t have those dreadfully drawn, top-heavy flowers.

We’ll see! I’ve changed the water once now. The next pic should be blue hyacinths in full January blossom …

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