The School Project

Hyacinths & Prunus 006

Ok, So I know you all do this anyway and did it when you were knee-high … But I’m a late bloomer. This is the first time I’ve ever grown hyacinths like this. I’m enchanted, can’t stop looking. After just over seven days in my home they look like this. I keep peering at the noses of the bulbs to check for a hint of green. (They looked so shrivelled when I picked them up in Lidl!) Every seven days I’ll post another picture. If flowers are just around the corner, spring can’t be far behind!

The other reason for this post is to prove my camera’s still working … although the focus ain’t too hot and it would be advisable (and fun!) to think of alternatives. Maybe the next hyacinth pic will be with the new camera? Hyacinths & Prunus 022

8 thoughts on “The School Project

    1. Cathy Post author

      I think (but might easily be wrong, often am!) that when you buy hyacinths as I have in packaging that includes the little glass vases, they are pre-chilled already. So you just need to put them in the vases and keep them growing fairly cool – they flower in about 6 weeks. If your friend has not bought pre-chilled bulbs, then I think they need chilling for about 3 months – if I was her I would pot them and put them in the cellar or another cold place.

    1. Cathy Post author

      Things a bit pressurised at the moment, but hoping to keep pace with my own challenge (no time for blog-hopping! – will catch up with yours soon …)

  1. sophos

    I’m glad you’re picking up the baton – I totally forgot to prepare hyacinth bulbs this year (along with everything else I’ve forgotten). I do have a few leftover grape hyacinth bulbs in the fridge though, to force in soil.
    Just decided to try my luck with container roses next year, so the link to Peter Beales is very handy – thanks! Sofia

    1. Cathy Post author

      Hi – the hyacinths have proved irresistible! Glad you are having a go at the Roses – the price for delivery to Europe is fairly reasonable, providing you buy a few at the same time. There’s also that I bought from this summer. I suspect they are getting their roses from Germany, although it’s a French company. Good luck!

  2. Amy Myers

    I’ve never forced hyacinths before – I’ll be looking forward to seeing yours grow! I did pot up an amaryllis this winter, but one doesn’t get to see the roots grow…! Good luck about a new camera 🙂


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