In a vase on Monday

27 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday”

  1. Oh thats really lovely! I am a big fan of your style of posy and that look perfect in the jug you have chosen. Love the colour and plant combination too. How very annoying to have left your camera outside, I hope there is some way it can be repaired.

  2. A lovely cheerful vase and you are right, the colours do look very springlike. And it looks perfect in the yellow jug too. I hope your camera recovers from it’s night out – perhaps it just needs a drying out period! Elizabeth

    1. I quite like that jug too, Elizabeth. It usually has dried flowers in it. I’m afraid I’m going to run out of containers for Cathy’s meme soon. I’ll be using teacups …now there’s an idea!

  3. Oh what a feast for the eyes with all the color of spring and summer….and that fennel is perfect to give it some texture and fluff. I adore this especially in the pitcher…lots of snow and cold here so I am loving all the flowers other still have.

  4. Yes, I love plonk-it posies too! And these are what encourage reluctant pickers and vase-makers to have a go. Aren’t the bidens great? I have unintentionally overwintered some before but I don’t think they self seeded. They flowered really late too, like yours are doing and have such pretty foliage as well – and as you say they make a great combination with the blues. Lovely jug too – thanks so much for sharing.

    1. But you may all get tired of my plonk-it efforts, Cathy! I have to say that getting involved with this meme has been great though. It’s really got me thinking both about seasonal stuff for the garden, and about flower arranging (always done it, never tried very hard!). A rather exciting learning curve, all in all!

    1. Maybe both just optimistic! I think the camera is beyond hope, so I may be silent for some time to come, but will be visiting other people’s vases and blogs!

    1. They are actually really tiny, but they come in white and pale pink too, so useful for toning with other colours. I used to grow cut flowers for a council nursery in England and the women that did the flower-arranging used to complain that they were a waste of space on the nursery. I think they are more appropriate for my ‘plonk-it’ style!

  5. You are certainly right about being able to imagine this as a jug of daffodils and muscari and I love the use of bronze fennel. I hope your camera is repairable!

    1. Thanks for taking a look – I’m also hoping that I learn to be a bit more considered, taking part in this meme. I tend to rush at everything …

  6. If this is the way your garden is right now you can’t complain – this bouquet is gorgeous and so rich. The foliage is well chosen too. It started to rain this weekend but I do hope I can get my planting finished before the soil is too muddy.

    1. Perhaps I am deceiving myself Annette (and everyone who looks). The flowers come from all corners, and actually already the garden doesn’t look like that any more. I still have bulbs to plant … and the soil is already too muddy!

  7. That looks more like September than November! Very lovely Cathy! On dull days my vases have also been carted around the house and garden for their photo… indoor lighting and flash will definitely be needed from now on. I like your salvias – they have pretty foliage too.

  8. Ooooh, Cathy, that is such a lovely vase! Your are not only a talented writer but a great florist as well! The casual arrangement fits to the flowers and foliage that you have chosen and the very different textures make it quite interesting to look at. The color combination is certainly tried and true, but never gets old and always seem to work. Thanks for sharing this beautiful posy!
    Warm regards,

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